ANC Announces Multi-Million Dollar Expansion

August 1, 2012

HOUSTON - American National Carbide (ANC), a leader in the manufacture of tungsten carbide products for the metalworking, oil and gas, and wood processing industries, announces a multi-million dollar expansion of its headquarters and manufacturing facility just northwest of Houston. "We have invested $3 million in a new building and new equipment throughout the facility, which will increase our overall capacity for sintered products by 200%,” says D. Greg Stroud, President.  Key areas where capacity is being increased are raw materials production, sintering, grinding, and scrap carbide recycling.

With increased market demand for carbide products and an ever-tightening tungsten supply from China, this expansion will not only give ANC the capacity to grow, but also the opportunity to improve the quality of its products. “When we began this project, we sought out the latest technologies in manufacturing processes and quality control with the goal of improving our customer satisfaction to the highest level possible, and we’ve been able to upgrade and add equipment across the entire operation with that objective in mind,” says Stroud.

New automated presses and computer-controlled sintering furnaces are designed to ensure that the carbide products produced by them consistently conform to specifications. Advanced raw material production and metallurgical testing equipment has also been added to make certain that finished products have the highest quality possible. "We take quality very seriously," says Stroud, "and these new machines fit well with our quality program in that they minimize the risk that nonconforming parts are made, which allows us to respond quicker to urgent requirements and provide even higher customer satisfaction."

Completion of the expansion is scheduled for January 1, 2013.