ANC Introduces New and Improved Carbide Grades for Machining Steel

January 14, 2014

HOUSTON — American National Carbide (ANC) has announced improvements in its flagship grades for machining steels in the ISO P classification.  All three of the grades made exclusively for its P Series of negative rake turning inserts have been reformulated to improve cutting characteristics and performance.

Grade AN3015 is designed for finishing applications and now has a very hard alloyed, gradient substrate, along with a multi-layered aluminum oxide CVD coating, to allow machining at higher speeds, while providing excellent resistance to flank wear and plastic deformation.

Grade AN3025 is ANC's best general purpose grade for machining alloy steels.  A multi-layered oxide coating over a new cobalt-enriched substrate provides a perfect balance of wear resistance and toughness at higher speeds.

Grade AN3035 for roughing applications is now much more robust, with a higher binder content and cobalt-enriched alloyed substrate.  Its multi-layered aluminum oxide coating enhances the substrate's toughness allowing for machining in unfavorable conditions, such as scale and interruptions, and with heavy depths of cut.

All three grades are designed for machining across the entire ISO P range of application, from finishing to heavy roughing.