ANC Introduces New Carbide Grades for Cast Iron Machining

February 4, 2014

HOUSTON — American National Carbide (ANC) announces the introduction of three new carbide grades for increased productivity in the machining of cast irons.  Available in proven insert geometries, the three new grades cover machining applications across the entire range of the ISO K application class.

The new AN4020 grade is formulated for roughing applications in all cast irons.  Its hard, micro-grain carbide substrate and tough aluminum oxide coating allow it to run at high speeds while withstanding interruptions, but it runs just as well on continuous cuts.

AN4010 has a very hard sub-micron substrate designed for finishing of all cast irons at higher speeds.  Its multi-layered gold CVD coating enhances wear resistance while providing stability and resistance to heat throughout the cut.

Rounding out the trio of new grades, AN3010 is designed specifically for machining nodular cast iron.  A hard alloyed substrate coupled with a multi-layered oxide coating for toughness and resistance to heat and interruptions make this grade the preferred choice for difficult machining in nodular cast iron.