ANC Launches Line of PCD Turning Inserts

May 21, 2014

HOUSTON — American National Carbide (ANC) has launched a new, complete line of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) inserts for turning non-ferrous materials in the ISO N machining class.  A full range of both negative and positive rake inserts are available in two new grades.

AN9005 is a polycrystalline diamond grade for general purpose turning, from finishing to roughing, of aluminum alloys with <12% silicon, copper alloys, and other non-ferrous
and non-metallic materials.

Grade AN9015 is a polycrystalline diamond grade for more demanding non-ferrous applications, including interrupted cuts on all non-ferrous materials, and general machining of aluminum alloys with >12% silicon, composite graphite epoxy, metal matrix composites, and sintered tungsten carbide.

This new offering of PCD inserts completes the planned rollout of ANC's new advanced cutting materials product line that has been introduced over the last several months.