ANC Expands Offering of Oil and Gas Products

June 7, 2016

HOUSTON — American National Carbide (ANC) has announced the addition of several new products to its broad line of tungsten carbide products for oil and gas applications.

Building on the success of its engineered downhole insert line, which includes the popular Starbide, Pentacut, Raptor, and Talon products, ANC has begun making crushed carbide composite rod for cutting and wear applications on all varieties of rotating downhole tools. Available in industry-standard grit sizes, the composite rod is comprised of high-quality crushed tungsten carbide and the same nickel-brass matrix used on ANC's engineered insert rods. Custom matrix ratios are also available, so customers can tailor their rods to specific applications.

A new non-magnetic grade, AN110N, is now available in ANC's wear protection tiles. This grade provides the solution for applications where traditional cobalt grades interfere with gauges and sensors down the hole.

Also included in the expanded offering is a complete line of non-shrouded carbide fluid nozzles for tri-cone drilling bits. Several industry-standard styles are available in a range of orifice sizes.

ANC is also offering centrifuge tiles and brazed centrifuge tile assemblies for mounting on conveyor scrolls. Compatible with the most popular brands of decanter-style centrifuges, the tiles are made from a proprietary wear and corrosion resistant grade designed to withstand the continuous flow of abrasive material in this application.