ANC Introduces CrushCut™ Premium Composite Rod and Grit

February 27, 2017

HOUSTON - American National Carbide (ANC) adds crushed carbide grit and crushed carbide composite rod to its broad line of tungsten carbide products for the energy, mining, and construction industries. Offered to the market under the brand name CrushCut™, the material consists of premium, crushed and sorted tungsten carbide grit, available by the pound in industry-standard sizes from 1018 mesh through 5/16".

CrushCut™ composite rod is made by casting the premium grit in a nickel-silver matrix with a tensile strength of up to 100,000 PSI and is offered without flux. Custom matrix ratios are also available, so customers can tailor their rods to specific applications.

CrushCut™ is perfect for cutting and wear applications on all varieties of rotating downhole drilling and fishing tools, and cutting and wear surfaces on tools, attachments and implements in the mining, construction, wood processing, and agricultural industries.

Complementing the new CrushCut™ line is an offering of high-temperature brazing flux in powder and paste form, as well as pre-fluxed and bare nickel-silver tinning rod.

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