ANC Introduces Matrix-B™ Boron-Infused Tungsten Carbide

October 15, 2019

HOUSTON - American National Carbide (ANC) announces a revolutionary method for enriching tungsten carbide with boron and launches its new Matrix-B™ products offering superior performance.

With conventional carbide grades, there has long been a trade-off between toughness and hardness for a given binder content and material grain size.  In the proprietary Matrix-B™ process, boron is infused throughout the body of a tungsten carbide part, imparting toughness without losing hardness, and significantly improving other operating qualities, including corrosion resistance.

"Our Matrix-B™ grades perform better than conventional carbide grades and previous boron-treated material, where the surface benefit was eventually lost during operation," says D. Greg Stroud, President and CEO of ANC.  "The advantage of our process is that the infused boron runs throughout the product, rather than just on the surface, creating a tougher product without sacrificing other critical metallurgical characteristics."


Matrix-B™ products provide superior performance in cutting and wear applications for all varieties of rotating downhole drilling and fishing tools, and cutting and wear surfaces on tools, attachments and implements in the mining, construction, wood processing, and agricultural industries.  These new boron-enriched grades are available in all of ANC's standard rock drilling and ground-engaging products.

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Matrix-B™ Products are Tough to the Core™